Awakening of the polar bear - machine tool market in Russia

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On May 14, 2017, announced the "area" of international cooperation with Beijing peak BBS, led by the machine tool corporation in Russia in the 18th Russia international exhibition of metal processing equipment and tools (hereinafter referred to as the Russia international machine tool exhibition)) team embarked on a flight from Beijing to Moscow.

On May 14, 2017, announced the "area" of international cooperation with Beijing peak BBS, led by the machine tool corporation in Russia in the 18th Russia international exhibition of metal processing equipment and tools (hereinafter referred to as the Russia international machine tool exhibition)) team embarked on a flight from Beijing to Moscow.
The exhibition from May 15, 2017-19, lasted for five days, changchun is YuHeng optical co., LTD., since 2015 to visit after the 16th international machine tool show Russia first appearance as a substitute of Russia.
As a leading enterprise in China of grating encoder, chairman of the China machine tool industry association digital display branch units, but also show the only sensor manufacturer in China, YuHeng optical at the event not only for the promotion and propaganda China grating encoder, the task of grating ruler, as well as for the current Russian industry as a whole and sensor research focuses on the overall market demand.
The current Russian machine tool market, it should be said that toward the rationalization, seek targeted direction. Machine tool market will be gradually out of the downturn phase, from the machine to form a complete set of aspects of development is rapid, local enterprises rapid growth, other countries and regions are bullish on the Russian market, the fair has shops, introduced from 33 countries and regions, including the German pavilion, pavilion, South Korea, Taiwan pavilion, China pavilion is applied for one of the most widespread booth for replacement.
China pavilion situation:
(China pavilion opening ceremony

At 11:00 a.m. on May 15, 2017, the opening ceremony of the China Pavilion was held under the chairmanship of Wang Xuesong, chief representative of China Machine Tool Corporation in Moscow; Mr. Liang Feng, President of China Machine Tool Corporation, Mr. Yu Tianming, public assistant of the commercial participation Office of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Mr. samodulov, President of Russia machine tool industry association, and Mr. Fei, vice president of Russia machine tool industry association Ms. dolova, Mr. Chen Huiren, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Association, Mr. samoreuk, vice president of Russia China machinery technology and Innovation Products Trade Promotion Association, and Mr. dokachov, deputy general manager of exhibition center attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon!

The China Pavilion covers an area of 650 square meters and is expected to represent 120 people, fully demonstrating the good image of Chinese enterprises!

Since the China Pavilion is hall 4, we often go to the closed hall, and we can still see that many local businessmen warmly receive customers from different countries and regions. Many customers come to the exhibition hall for many days to discuss and inquire about the parameters, performance, installation and debugging of the products. It shows that Russian machine tool industry is keen on Chinese products.

Russia's overall machine tool market situation - industrial upgrading and transition tend to be obvious

1. The government attaches great importance to support

China one belt, one road one belt, one road, one belt, one road, the most important market in the policy. It is also an important substitute for Asia Investment Bank. It occupies an important position in the "one belt and one way". The strategy of "Far East Development" that the Putin administration's development center moves eastward is in line with the previous "one belt and one road" strategic focus, which will stimulate new market space for Sino Russian economic cooperation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the new foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the concept) on December 1, 2016, and established a partnership of equality and mutual benefit.

Russia, an expert in the concept, will continue to actively cooperate with China in various fields, jointly respond to new threats and challenges, and forge a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation featuring comprehensive, equal and mutual trust.

2. Flexible mode of cooperation between China and Russia can better meet the needs of Russian market

At present, China's machine tool industry has come from the situation where the industry is located in 2011, and its output and amount have steadily increased.

After several years of running in, the docking mode between China's machine tool industry and Russia's machine tool industry has produced different cooperation modes, including cooperative factory building, mutual agency and other cooperation modes. For example, large enterprises such as Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Baoji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. have started to cooperate with Russia to build factories. At the same time, some small and medium-sized machine tool factories actively strive to carry out the work of cooperative factory building. Other core supporting parts enterprises, such as CNC system, vigorously promote their products through extensive development of agents and establishment of representative offices in Russia.

3. Sensor market development is waiting to take off

In terms of the number of local sensor manufacturers in Russia, it is rare. Most of the sensor products enter the Russian market as a whole in the same system or complete machine, so there are few agents for sensors. Only a small number of machine tool transformation and upgrading needs to increase the demand for Chinese machine tools to enter the Russian market, the demand for sensors will gradually increase, and the take-off of the sensor industry is just around the corner. Changchun Yuheng Optical Co., Ltd. is the representative of China's grating sensor enterprises. Its grating encoder products have been applied in Russia, and the future market space is very broad.

To sum up, the Russian machine tool market has growing space and strategic potential, just like a polar bear sleeping in Siberia is waking up gradually. When we see the possibility, we should pay attention to various risks, including financial risks, currency settlement risks, fast policy conversion and other risks. At the same time, the language and cultural barriers between China and Russia also need to be run in and overcome.

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